I Need To Rant ….. — November 30, 2017

I Need To Rant …..

Yes !

This post is going to be me ranting, sorry

So If anyone knows me they know I am anti social its weird because I have social media and so forth but social media is something that’s controlled you show people what you want, yes I could do that in person but would that not be fake ? …

Anyway I am so fed up of ‘anti-social’ being spoken about as if its a negative trait. There is so many people that do not mean well, only want to be around you so they can find out the latest on your life and not cause they genuinely care, no ! People thrive knowing that others are down just to make themselves feel good or better. I am not saying ALL people but the majority. I see so many fake friendships and interactions its a joke – wait not just friendships family too, I personally feel family are worse i’ll tell you why

okay so as a child we are told family is important which they are to a certain extent. It is implanted in us that we stick by our family no matter what.

However I feel sometimes its the family members that do the worse to you – talk down on you, give you limits on what you can achieve, use you, talk and treat you with disrespect but why do we put up with it ? CAUSE ITS FAMILY

Why is it okay for them to treat us this way but friends and strangers its considered wrong…

I’m personally consistent with how I interact with people so family or friends if I don’t like you as a person i’m not going to be fake to you and act like I do, I won’t call you, ill make no effort to be in your presence and I wont message to see if your doing okay. Now that may seem harsh it doesn’t mean i don’t have love for them I do I just don’t like or want to be around the person that they are… to be honest i’m the type of person that if I don’t like you you will know about it.

I am very content not having friends however I am a friend to many people, if someone called me in need or just needed to talk I will always be there for them, however there ain’t no way i’m about to call you because although you may trust me I don’t trust you call it trust issues I don’t know I just for 1. don’t trust people with my business and 2. honestly I don’t really care about peoples opinions on me or care enough to value their advice i’m not going to waste your time or mine… People that I trust will know because I am a open book with them.

I personally do not have any drama in my life.. no one telling me she said this she said that he done this he done that no…

I’m calming down now lolamti

The less people in your life the less stress the less bad vibes the less drama to deal with ….











30th November thoughts —

30th November thoughts

Pregnancy pains are become more intense, I try not to complain about it but what will I be like in labor !! I’m so scared


MATERNITY PHOTOS ? — November 12, 2017


I thought I’d share some images that I took, throughout my pregnancy I’ve been feeling like crap !

So I felt I should try and get out of that black hole and take some pictures for memories and oh my I was so impressed with how well they looked.

All I used was my Samsung edge camera, A editing app and a tripod !! No help from anyone just the trusty timer lol

I guess that photography course kicked in.

This is not my Maternity pics but it shows that you really don’t need to pay a professional.

Comment what you think

Well hello there ? —

Well hello there ?



So after trying to log back into my old wordpress account (that had many posts) I have given up and created a whole new account as it says my last was deleted !

Moving on quickly as I feel like im going to burst with annoyance right now, WELCOME to my new blog LEECIE TALKS AKA LEECIE SPEAKS 🙂

I wanted to start writing again, I sat down today and thought what do I want to do to make money…. the list made me realise ill take any job right now, all legal and profession that is lol. Then the next question I asked myself was what do I love doing and Its all things creative… Writing, drawing, designing, editing I love it all my perfect job would involve me doing something im NATURALLY talented at, but I know I have to be realistic.

Im going to write as it really is a release for me, I also want to educate myself in areas that I am weak at *DUN DUNN DUNNNN*  NUMBERS !!! yes, Ive decided I want to take up an Accounting course…. !!

I’ll have to write how it goes

Anyways Im going to go to bed as I’m extremely tired from trying to make a new account